Haitian Brides

Relationships with a beautiful Haitian lady is the dream of any man who appreciates the exotic beauty and devotion in girls. If you’re one of those husbands who want to meet an alluring lady for long-term relationships and have your eye on Haitian beauties, keep reading and forget your loneliness!

Haitian Brides Dating Culture

Haitian dating culture is not much different from the other world’s. Couples usually start dating at their late teens. Men typically initiate the dating process. Even if a Haitian lady has warm feelings about a man, she avoids showing it. Ladies in the Republic of Haiti, especially in rural zones, are very conservative.

A boy is supposed to come to his date’s house, get acquainted with her parents and only after that he can take her out. Nowadays, couples tend to get intimate early before marriage. When dating for a few years, marriage is expected. The wedding is often paid for by the groom’s family. However, the bride’s parents may also contribute financially. In most areas, future spouses prefer not to arrange a loud celebration until they’re financially mature.

The legal age for getting married is lower than in the Western world, 15 for girls and 18 for boys.

Arranged marriages are not common anymore. Nevertheless, parents expect their kids to choose spouses from respectable and wealthy families, preferably of the same social status.

Officially, polygamy doesn’t exist in the Republic of Haiti. While Haitian women ought to remain loyal for their spouses, males don’t even hide to have a mistress, sometimes not even one. It doesn’t commonly spread, but some women are even cohabitants with their husband’s girlfriends.

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How Do Haitian Women for Marriage Look Like?

The most interesting question of any Haitian wife finder is how do these lovely ladies look like? These charming brides have truly exotic features that make them unique. Their appearance differs a lot from the Latina, so don’t expect to get a typical Latina-look lady while dating a Haitian mail order bride. Haitian brides have more in common with African girls. Plumpy lips, chocolate skin, and big brown eyes have made these girls an innermost dream of millions of husbands. Haitian ladies have dark brown hair, mostly curly; however, some ladies can boast of having a lighter skin tone and long silky straight hair and look similar to Dominican brides.

All Haitians love bright clothes and shining jewelry. Your Haitian bride will always be dressed to impress and try to enhance her beauty with accessories. Haitian ladies pay massive attention to their public looks. Urban citizens prefer to dress like the Europeans of the Americans. They try to follow the latest trends, women can wear pants and bright T-shirts, so you won’t have to go bankrupt to renew her wardrobe.

What Qualities Make Haitian Brides Perfect For Marriage?

Beauty is essential, but not crucial. No matter how much you admire faces and sexy body shapes beautifully, you won’t go far with a girl, who’s got nothing but alluring appearance. A perfect girl for marriage has to possess valuable personal traits that will help her remain the only one for her boyfriend. Let’s have a look at what makes Haitian mail order brides perfect for marriage.

Haitian Brides Are Communicative

Beautiful Haitian women enjoy interacting with people. They’re open-hearted and friendly to foreigners and never refuse if you ask them for help. Your Haitian mail order bride will fastly get to know all your friends and relatives and will hypnotize them with her instant smile and irresistible energy.

They’re Strong Personalities

Despite all the difficulties, Haitian women don’t lose faith. They’re healthy mentally, and no matter what happens, they feel optimistic about the future. Life has been rude to these brides and sharpened their characters. Such a bride knows to run the family and be responsible for the house duties. If you hurt her, she will behave decently and respond to you with the same. Haitian brides know what they want and will achieve it no matter what.

Haitian Wives Are Loyal

Even though Haitian girls for marriage are strong, they still have a strong need for a family, children, and husband. Nothing matters to them more than solid family ties. Family is the only thing they’re scared of losing. The divorce rate is low in their country, but the price of separation is pretty high. The reason for that, Haitian mail order brides never forgive betrayals and disrespectful behavior, but they’re still cherishing a hope to fix everything.

These Brides Are Understanding

Haitian mail-order brides are very tolerant to people of a different culture, religion, and language. They understand that all people have various cultural outback; diversity is what makes the world so interesting. Instead of insisting on you to adapt to her beliefs, she will gladly know about yours. She won’t be furious if you postpone the meeting and explain the reason, and so will never take an offense if you offer her a cute date at home over the dinner in a fancy restaurant.

Why Do Haitian Mail-Order Brides Look For a Husband Online?

The main reason why Haitian bride’s dream of marrying a foreign husband is their desire to improve living conditions. Living in Haiti is nothing like paradise. The Republic of Haiti is the poorest country of all South America which residents live in endless poverty and struggle to find food and water for living. Remember also a horrible Earthquake in 2010 that took the lives of thousands of people and left an incomprehensible amount of Haitian residents without food and shelter. The country is still recovering from the consequences of that genuinely terrifying catastrophe. Besides, Haitian residents don’t have access to running water and proper medicine. Unfavorable living conditions make the Haitians extremely vulnerable to major infectious diseases, including typhoid fever and hepatitis A and E, malaria, and other horrible diseases. Also, the child mortality rate in the Republic of Haiti is exceptionally high if compared to other countries. No strange why marrying a foreigner is the chance for Haitian singles to move from hell and start leading a healthy life without being scared tomorrow. They and their children will have nothing to eat.

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Best Dating Websites to Meet a Haitian Mail Order Bride

Frankly speaking, the best way to find a Haitian bride for dating os to sign up on a dating website. This is cut and dried. Going to Haiti is not the best idea. The country isn’t a tourist attraction and can’t boast of impeccable living conditions. You won’t find any decent hotel or apartment there, and the residents hardly speak English. We understand how important it’s for you to watch your lady smiling from your compliments and how cheeks go blush, but for this purpose, you can always use video chats. After you talked to a girl for a while and got to know her, you pay for her tickets to your homeland and enjoy live communication with your Haitian mail order bride. If you want to find a genuinely decent dating platform with only the most charming Haitian mail-order brides registered, read our mini rating of websites that focus on Haitian dating.


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CharmCupid appeared on the market long ago in 1998 and since that paired millions of loners. Just imagine how many beautiful Haitian women for marriage are waiting for you. CharmCupid has an extensive database of girls’ verified profiles to save you from fraud. On this website, will not only be able to message with brides but also see them using video calls.


FindHotSingle is another premium website intended to help you to find a single Haitian woman for dating and marriage. The number of beautiful brides is so impressive that it’s hard to choose the one. Who said you have to choose? Text several brides and watch which one is the best for you. With FindHotSingles, you’re not lonely anymore.

Tips For Dating Haitian Mail-Order Brides

Don’t Compare Them to Dominican Brides

Tension has always existed between these two neighboring countries. After the earthquake in 2010, the Dominican Republic sent tones of humanitarian aid to help all those who suffered in the catastrophe. The ice started to melt, but women still hate being compared to each other. Don’t even try; this not a way of approaching a single Haitian woman, instead, you risk to offend her also if you make a favorable comparison deeply.

Don’t Boast of Your Financial States

People in Haiti are modest; they don’t like to show off and are used to behaving reticently in public. Boasting of financial states, monthly salary, and the or complain about the low income is inappropriate in a country, where a significant percentage of residents are starving, and some children don’t even survive to the age of 5. Want to show that you’re a wealthy man? Take your Haitian bride, give a decent life, and let her help her family by sending money and goods. Haitian wives appreciate actions more than empty words.

Get Along With Her Family

Haitian mail order brides adore their families. That’s how they do in Haiti that a boyfriend gets along with girlfriends’ parents and proves his serious intentions. Show them that you’re a decent guy who considers their daughter as a lifetime partner. Invite them to your house and don’t reject the invitation to be their guest. You may not like the conditions in which they live, but you will surely like their optimism and hope for the best, which they still have in their hearts. Moreover, a family’s opinion matter for them a lot, so try to look and seem presentable.

Show That You Care

Haitian mail-order brides want to be with a reliable husband. A man should be willing to take responsibility for the family, solve the problems of the family, and love his wife and children. Show that you care about your future Haitian bride, no need to shower her expensive presents and bouquets of roses. Just be gentle, be attentive, and remember that she needs your shield and protection. Haitian women for marriage are sick of rude and indifferent behavior of local men who don’t even bother themselves to hide the pieces of evidence of their cheating. One more interesting peculiarity of the character of Haitian mail order brides is that they reflect people’s attitudes to them. Treat her like a queen, and then you’ll get the most loving wife.

Mind Her Religion Believes

People in the Haitian Republic preach Catholicism or Protestantism. It seems there’s nothing much to say about it, but hold on. Some inhabitants still practice ancient voodoo beliefs. If you meet one of these brides, run as fast as you can. As usual, these women are hard to control and don’t adequately estimate the consequences of their actions. African voodoo belief still implies lots of dangerous rites. It takes 5 minutes to make the religion issue clear and save your health.

To Sum Up

To summarize, Haitian mail order brides are the real eye candy. Even those who admired Ukrainian, Croatian or other Slavic women get charmed with the mesmerizing beauty of pretty Haitian girls. These ladies are perfect for marriage, not only because they’re tempting. But because they value strong family ties and respect their husbands. Marrying a lovely Haitian mail order bride is by far the best choice you can ever make. She’s the embodiment of all the best features that a woman can possess.