American Women vs. Foreign Women – Dating With Charming Ladies

The mentality, values​​, and national characteristics of American women are known throughout the world. Moreover, the psychology and lifestyle of US citizens are different. Some representatives of other nations condemn American women for their materialism and sometimes feigned smiles. Another part admires the independence and success of the American nation.

Is the “American Dream” really the embodiment of conformity and materialistic desires, and the smiles of locals are insincere? What traits are inherent in every American lady to one degree or another?

Character Traits of American Girls

The United States is quite an interesting country with the most adorable women. These categorical and self-confident ladies clearly understand what they want from life and their chosen one.

The lifestyle and mentality of female residents of different states differ significantly. American women themselves can often easily distinguish a Texas resident from a Pennsylvania or California resident. Despite such a difference in the psychology of Americans inhabiting different states, there are still some character traits that unite ladies from the United States:


American women value their individuality very highly. They often put their interests ahead of the interests of the team. Every local lady beast is sure that no one has the right to restrict her free will and violate her legal rights. Therefore, US citizens are not afraid to openly express their opinions, show individuality in clothes and hobbies, and also defend their rights within the framework of the law.

Healthy selfishness of independent beauties became the basis of the equality principles and respect for the personality of other people adopted in American society.

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Self-Reliance and Independence

American ladies strive to be financially independent of their men. Instead, they try to solve their problems on their own whenever possible. It is strange to them to attract loved ones to help so as not to remain in debt to them. This is because of the desire of such women for personal independence. Consequently, the expression “American Dream” appeared. The dream unites all the attributes of the life of a free and financially independent person.

Competitive Spirit

Americans have a competitive spirit. Residents of the United States love to win both in disputes and in business and personal life. Moreover, the rivalry of locals is manifested even at school age. Most students strive to get the highest scores, get into a sports team, bring victories to their school in inter-school competitions, etc.

With age, the desire to be better than others does not disappear. This pushes the representatives of this nation to successfully study in the best universities, to constantly improve their professional skills, professional achievements, and career advancement.

Spirit of Cooperation

Despite individualism and a desire to be better than those around, American women prefer to achieve global goals collectively. Unlike Japanese women who work for the good of the team, American girls prefer to work to achieve their own goals. Residents of the United States are great at working in a team because each of them knows what result to strive for and what needs to be done to achieve the common goal.

Straightforwardness and Sincerity

American girls are not characterized by excessive modesty and shyness, so they prefer to resolve any issues during a frank conversation with delicate topics. Residents of the United States are not used to hushing up grievances and pretending. They prefer to express their complaints in the face of the interlocutor. This approach to solving problems is very effective because, thanks to it, American ladies quickly solve any problems and conflicts.


American psychology is characterized by cheerfulness and friendliness because an optimistic approach to life is much more correct and productive than a pessimistic one.

Local women smile a lot to show others that they are doing well. They easily make new acquaintances to benefit and to learn something new and interesting from a new friend.


Like Swedes, locals are very punctual since being late in the United States is not acceptable regardless of the reason. Most US residents keep diaries where they outline their daily routine by the minute and steadily follow the plan. This approach allows you to have time to do all the things and not waste time.


The energy and habit of constantly doing something useful is another national characteristic of the American woman. Many people of other nations who have moved to the United States for permanent residence find it difficult to adapt to the dynamic lifestyle characteristic. Since childhood, US residents have been accustomed to working hard, constantly improving themselves, and not being afraid of change.


Americans are used to trusting other people. Therefore, they take people at their word. For example, it is possible to return an unsuitable product to many stores even without a receipt. And during negotiations with business partners, there is no need to present them with a package of documents confirming the company’s solvency and legality. It should be noted that locals are not often disappointed in their gullibility since most of the citizens of this country value their reputation and will not deceive others.

Patriotism In Blood

Most US citizens are patriots of their state and are genuinely proud of their country. Ordinary US citizens are not too interested in what is happening outside their homeland, but they try to keep abreast of all local news. American women who are politically knowledgeable may scold their government from time to time. Still, they will react negatively if they hear condemnation of US internal policy from foreigners.


Charity is the norm within the US. That is why the majority of US residents are involved in charity. Most donations in the United States go before the big Christian holidays and Thanksgiving.

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Difference Between American Women And European Women

To begin with, there are big differences between American women themselves. It depends on social belonging, family traditions, upbringing, education, the traits of character of a particular woman.

Live Your Life

American women prefer to live as they like. Seldom a local woman will sacrifice her own life to her husband, take care of an over-aged child until her gray hair, or take over the watch of a free nanny for her grandchildren. At the same time, most American women are caring, loving mothers and grandmothers, wonderful wives, and reliable friends.

Plainness of Style

For the most part, American women dress simpler and use less makeup than many European women. The main emphasis is on who you are and not on what you are wearing. Still, the stronger sex prefers grooming and femininity in the image of the fair sex. As a rule, men like it when clothes are selected with taste and taking into account the characteristics of the figure. American women often neglect this.

Attitude to Marriage

The marriage attitude is completely different for American women. For example, in Russia, marriage is about the same as with education: everyone must graduate from college because they must. Also, European women believe that we all should get married well, just because we should. And if she has not married, then she is defective, a loser, her life is wasted, etc.

Local women are both calmer and more serious about this. For them, there is no end in itself just to get married. Their goal is to marry the right person, and she will choose a husband deliberately. It will be a super-serious decision for such a woman. Russian women tend to get married early, while American women do not give a damn for a while. They can easily get engaged after thirty and give birth to children after forty years old. If this happens, then this is completely normal.